Friday, September 18, 2009

ArchiveFacebook 1.0 is Live

Just launched my Firefox extension for archiving your facebook account. Here's the download page. Here's the support page.  Thanks to my advisers Dr. Michael Nelson and Dr. Frank McCown for the guidance and support (and the great idea).

You may not believe this, but Facebook will not always be around. Your Facebook account will not always be accessible. It's up to you to archive your data before it lands in the big bit-bucket in the sky.

Here's an Ignite presentation I put together for it.


Anonymous said...

sweet man, worked like a charm...still playing the violin?

Carlton Northern said...

Glad to see it worked for you. Which Chris is this? And yes, I still play occasionally, but not nearly enough.

Anonymous said...

Saunders, from school

Anonymous said...
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