Friday, February 25, 2011

20 Things the Motorola XOOM Can Do that the iPad Can't

So once again my favorite tech sparring partner and I are at it.  The screenshot below speaks for itself.    

So, I put together this list (which came quite easy) of 20 things the XOOM can do that the iPad can't:
  1. Google Maps 5 with 3D Maps
  2. Widgets
  3. Live Wallpapers
  4. Cloud Syncing (apps, settings)
  5. Dual core processing
  6. More pixels, better DPI (nicer screen)
  7. 2 Cameras, front and back
  8. Dual Flash on back camera
  9. Video chat
  10. Removable SD Card and battery (update: apprently he battery isn't removable... shame on you Motorola) 
  11. HDMI
  12. Improved 1080p video playback
  13. Share Data Connections with Portable Wifi Hotspots (this by the way is how I am getting 4G data to my XOOM, from a hot spot on my MyTouch 4G on TMobile)
  14. Improved gaming with a Gyroscope 
  15. Predicts the weather with a Barometer
  16. 720p video capture with Movie Studio to directly edit video on the device
  17. Google Maps Navigation (The iPad Wifi version doesnt even have a GPS)
  18. True multitasking
  19. System Bar (in bottom right corner) for global status and notifications
  20. Application Bar (in top left corner) for contextual options, navigation, widgets, or other types of content