Friday, May 1, 2009

Moustache May

And so begins another celebration of Moustache May. I along with colleagues from work, friends, and even family will be shedding the excess hair on our face, all except the magical region directly above our upper lips. In this time of celebration, let us reflect upon our moustaches with great veracity and be thankful that we may wear such a glorious configuration of facial hair.

I havent quite shaved my beard into a moustache yet. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and didn't want to steal any thunder away from the groom with my terawesome moustache. The moustaches you see in the picture come from last year's celebration. Come sunday I will have the moustache and the pics to prove it.

Some people here in my office are under the false assumption that you must begin Moustache May with a clean shaven face. I don't buy into any of that malarky. I think that just takes away from the limited time we have to don moustaches.

Anyways, to kick-off this month in style I thought a wikipedia entry on Moustache May was fitting. So check it out and contribute!

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