Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Monster: A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars

I can't stop listening to I Monster's latest album, A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars. It's like being at a 70's disco while watching a 50's horror film, which I don't even think is possible without the help of a mind altering substance.
In particular, Cool Coconuts and Lust for a Vampyr stand out from the rest. Cool Coconuts is a song about bugs and coconuts put to a Brazilian, laid back tune. It reminds me of hanging out on a tropical beach eating freshly picked coconuts, which I might add I had the pleasure of doing in Hawaii last week. Lust for a Vampyr is exactly as it sounds, a woman wants to get up with a Vampire (not sure why they spelled it that way). I woudlnt be surprised if it gets a spot on HBO's True Blood. I can just imagine Anna Paquin getting down to this song as the pink-haired girl on the cover.
The rest of the album has a kind of disco-house feel, but it's not dated like the genre. It's as if its a kick-back to retro disco-house, but still as modern as anything else these days. Maybe, the music gets its updated feel from the subtle horror film references that are sprinkled here and there. It's funny to think that something from the 50's could make something feel new.
I give this album a 9/10.

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