Thursday, June 12, 2008

Google Maps Street View Comes to Hampton Roads

Ok, Google Maps is becoming entirely too useful. They have steadily been adding new features and content to the service, all the while fine tuning. When Street View - a service that provides 360 degree panoramic street-level views - first came out about a year ago, I thought "Ok, this is cool, but it will be years before it makes it to where I live." I couldnt have been more wrong.

Google Maps now offers their Street View service to the Hampton Roads area. Below is panoramic picture taken in front of my house. You can even see my neighbor's car. I must have been at work when they were taking the images. This service is just entirely too useful. Going to a new location that you've never been too before? Look up the street view and wallah, it's like you're there!

This service will also help out when your trying to determine the quality/safety of an area. Say your in the market for a new home. Sometimes the pictures of the front of a house can be misleading, so punch in the address or area of the house your interested in and you instantly know whether or not you want to live there.

If Google keeps this up, I think Yahoo Maps will steadily keep losing their market share.

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Unknown said...

Google's street view is amazing! Especially when it hits your area ... but it's weird that there are some random gaps in their data/coverage. My new home over in Yorktown has images from last summer but my old street in Newport News is completely missing even though all of the surrounding streets are captured. Take a look:

Belinda Drive, Newport News, VA

Anonymous said...

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